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          1. Focus on Longjian
            Longjian Group held a virtual equity incentive promotion meeting in the fourth quarter of 2021

            Held on October 25th afternoon, Long Jian group in the fourth quarter of 2021 virtual equity incentive will promote, to speak about the purpose of the virtual equity incentive purpose, basic principles, the selection mechanism, distribution and other specific content, further promote the company's equity incentive policy reform, enhancing enterprise development momentum and energy, sustainable development and industrial upgrading of the group to provide strong support.  

            The meeting was preached by Mr. Wang, director of the administrative Management Center, and all staff participated in it.  Mr. Wang mainly explained the important value of virtual equity incentive to the development of the company and the growth of employees, and explained in detail the specific plan of the enterprise employees being selected as virtual shareholders, and gave examples to calculate that virtual shareholders can get additional profit dividends in addition to salary and year-end bonus, which greatly stimulated and encouraged the employees attending the meeting.  

            For 27 years, long Jianren has been passed on from generation to generation.  The development of enterprises is inseparable from the pragmatic innovation and solidarity of Longjianren.  

            Chairman of the meeting, the dragon is pointed out in dong, the company began to study the equity incentive as early as five years ago, after constantly explore and fumble, although the conditions are not very mature, but companies still unswervingly implement equity incentive, starting from the virtual equity incentive, let work earnestly, thin concentric struggle with Long Jian company employees,  Can share the fruits of labor and value wealth with the enterprise.  He said that the company will continue to innovate to adapt to the changing market environment, with higher standards of high-quality products to meet customer needs, so as to create a "Longjian" well-known brand in the mining machinery industry.  


            Value is created;  

            Happiness, is out of struggle.  


            The grand blueprint of the "2021-20255 Strategic Plan" of Longjian Group has been drawn. Longjian staff will work hard with practical actions and dream. Through the efforts of the grass-roots staff and the management, the virtual shareholders and the employees of the company, we will jointly achieve the creation and embodiment of value.  Do big!  And stronger!  

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            In the process of installation and acceptance of equipment of sand and gravel aggregate production line with production capacity of 600 tons at the beginning of construction in Hubei Province

            Recently, the after-sales service center of Chongqing Longjian Group -- equipment installation and acceptance team arrived at the project site of 600 tons of sand aggregate produced by customers in Hubei Jianshi.  


            It is reported that the acceptance of the production line project with limestone as the raw material, the initial production capacity of 300 tons.  The person in charge of the project highly recognized the products of Longjian Group and insisted on using its mining machinery crushing and screening equipment for more than 20 years. Therefore, in order to expand the production scale at the beginning of the year, the project still chose to continue to use the products provided by Longjian Group and adopted the complete equipment of Samming Heavy Industry PE1000×1200 jaw crusher production line.  When the project is completed, the production capacity will reach 600 tons.  Total four products, product specifications are: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-31.5mm, mainly supplied to concrete mixing station.  





            At present, the entire project equipment installation is in the final stage.  For this reason, the equipment acceptance team of Longjian Group rushed to the site for equipment installation and acceptance to ensure the customer's early and smooth production.  



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            Warmly congratulated: Mr. Long Fujian, chairman of the group company, was elected vice president of Chongqing sand and stone association

            On March 25, Chongqing sand association party branch meeting and Chongqing sand association council held in Chongqing.

            This conference aims to implement the spirit of the documents issued by the government departments on the sand industry, promote the transformation and upgrading of the sand industry in Chongqing, and promote the high quality and healthy and orderly development of the sand aggregate industry in Chongqing.

            At the meeting, Li Changhua, secretary general of Chongqing sand and gravel association, said that the initial 40 of Chongqing sand and gravel association was established to more than 100 at present. The number of members of Chongqing sand and gravel association is growing.Member units include mining enterprises, equipment enterprises, use units, scientific research units, etc., covering a wide range.At the same time, the meeting made a proposal on the addition of directors and vice presidents. Mr. Long Fujian, the chairman of Chongqing Sanming Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., applied to be the vice president of the association and passed the board of directors successfully.

            On March 26, the second member meeting of the first session of Chongqing sand and stone association with the theme of "enabling green and integrated development through scientific and technological innovation" was officially held and passed the deliberation and voting.

            Chongqing sand and stone association the first session of the second member assembly deliberating voting scene

            I group company chairman long fujian said, based on chongqing, radiate the whole country, look to the world, is committed to building western China intelligent, industrialization, standardization of green mining machinery production and manufacturing base, unremitting efforts to promote chongqing sand industry high-quality development.We will be willing to wholeheartedly serve the members of the sand industry in Chongqing, provide one-stop green mining machinery and equipment solutions, bring them high quality, intimate and satisfactory comprehensive services, and make positive contributions to the healthy and orderly development of the sand industry in Chongqing.




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            Industry focus on | large state-owned enterprises and cement enterprises have layout of sand and stone industry, accounting for the king

            Introduction: in recent years, due to the unbalanced development of the sand and stone industry, the sand and stone market is also a combination of ice and fire. In some areas of northeast and southwest, because of the "small scattered" problem of sand and stone enterprises, the sand and stone market is depressed, and the price of sand and stone has been hovering at a low level;In East China, North China, Central China, South China and other regions, has basically completed the integration of resources, sand and stone prices are relatively stable.Since the beginning of this year, with a number of large state-owned enterprises and cement enterprises have "joined", sand industry heat is not reduced.Although the price of sand and stone is slightly volatile, but did not affect the confidence of investors, a large number of newly established sand and stone mining rights are successfully sold at high prices, continuing the industry myth of "stone breaking the sky".

            With the local sand market supply and demand tension, mineral resources competition is increasingly white-hot, sand prices continue to go up all the way, gradually became a number of people in the mouth of "crazy stone".In such a context, some central enterprises, local state-owned enterprises have "beach" sand market, in the madness to seize market resources at the same time, but also in the active layout, broaden the industry chain, cement enterprises are one of the most "crazy".According to relevant statistics, China Resources Cement, Zhonglian Cement, South Cement recently obtained the mining rights of a number of mines, Huaxin Cement, Southwest Cement, Yao Bo Cement and other cement enterprises are also staring at the sand and stone mines.


            The annual report of cement enterprises in 2020 shows that sand aggregate is gradually becoming an important direction for the extension of industrial chain of some large cement enterprises.Conch cement, for example, will increase aggregate capacity by 3 million tons in 2020.Huaxin Cement will build and put into operation 7 aggregate production lines in Changyang, Quxian and other cities in 2020, with an additional aggregate capacity of 15.5 million tons;Eleven aggregate projects are under construction, and the annual aggregate capacity will reach 200 million tons after completion. In 2021, the aggregate expansion project plans to invest 7.15 billion yuan.Since 2020, CRC has won the mining rights of 6 new aggregate mines, with a total resource reserves of about 922 million tons and a planned annual production capacity of about 51 million tons, which further enriches the group's aggregate resource reserves.

            According to statistics, from January to May this year, the major domestic cement enterprises have arranged the sand aggregate plate, construction, planned to build sand aggregate line has reached 74, with a total capacity of 369 million tons.

            Relevant data statistics:

            ◆ On February 2 this year, the Natural Resources and Planning Bureau of Linzhou City, Henan Province publicized the transfer result of Majiangou limestone mine for construction stone in Hengshui Town, Linzhou City, Henan Province. Linzhou Zhonglian New Material Co., Ltd. won the mining right with RMB 80 million.March 2, the natural resources and planning bureau of zongyang county, anhui province publicizes the zongyang county huanggongshan construction stone with tuff mining rights auction hanging transfer situation, zongyang southern materials co., LTD., with 880 million yuan competition for the mine mining rights.On March 3, the natural resources and planning bureau of jianchuan county, yunnan province publicized the sale of the limestone mining right for common building materials in yuhuangshan, qingping, jianchuan county, and huaxin cement (jianchuan) co., LTD won the mining right with 6.2019 million yuan.

            Mixer in earlier in October 2020, China resources cement holdings announcement, the company's subsidiaries ZhaoQingRun letter new material co., LTD., with 3.21 billion yuan price to zhaoqing city bureau of natural resources listed online loin mining area in kaixian county seal the transfer of public building granite mineral mining rights, granting fixed number of year for 17 years, mining area of about 1.1736 square kilometers,The resource reserves are about 157 million cubic meters (equivalent to about 425 million tons), and the planned annual capacity is about 11 million cubic meters (equivalent to about 30 million tons).

            Recently, China Resources Cement (Wuxuan) Co., Ltd. successfully won the mining right of the project at a price of 160.6 million yuan, according to the release of the release notice of the limestone mine for cement in Shidiai mining area of Wuxuan county, Guangxi.

            In zhejiang province on June 7, public resources trading center successful transfer dinghai district jintang openmindedness mountain east and abandoned mines governance openmindedness intelligent container port east openmindedness mountains form a complete set of comprehensive logistics base project construction stone (tuff) ore mining, reached 560 million yuan, has finally been China gezhouba group first engineering co., LTD., with 1.037 billion yuan to buy,The average unit price of resources was 46.86 yuan/ton.

            ◆ Before that, on May 24, Huzhou Nanfang Mining Co., Ltd. successfully won the cement limestone mine in the comprehensive renovation project adjacent to Dagemushan Mine, Laohutang Mine and Liangmaoshan Mine in Meishan Town, Changxing County, Zhejiang Province, with the initial bid of 1.167 billion yuan and the final bid of 1.187 billion yuan. The average unit price of the resource was 8.16 yuan/ton.According to preliminary statistics, as of June 8, Zhejiang Province this year has been seven consecutive super large sand mining rights to more than 1 billion yuan at a price, a total of 11.6255 billion yuan.

            ◆ In particular, it is worth mentioning that China National Energy Construction Group, with the advantages of technology and talents cultivated by its subsidiary, China Gezhouba Group Yipli Co., Ltd. in the sand and stone industry for many years, has also started to layout the sand and stone industry and plans to invest 60 billion yuan to develop sand and stone projects in the next 5 years.

            According to the relevant analysts, it is expected that the "14 to five" cement enterprise aggregate capacity will exceed 1 billion tons, Hubei, Jiangxi, Guangxi aggregate capacity will achieve double growth.Now the sand and stone mining right is hot, has completely broken the traditional competition pattern, is becoming quite the strength of the central enterprises, cement enterprises and local state-owned enterprises competition target.

            "Large state-owned enterprises, cement enterprises have made moves to 'occupy the mountain' behind, there is a more long-term layout."Hu Youyi, president of China Association of Sand and Stone, said that for the cement industry, the "14" profit margin into the bottleneck period, the aggregate industry will become the focus of cement enterprises to expand the direction.Cement industry development sand aggregate industry has a unique innate advantage.On the one hand, cement enterprises have rich mineral resources, cement enterprises existing mining, crushing, screening, material transportation and storage technology, can be used for the production of sand aggregate.Cement and sand and gravel aggregate industry, on the other hand, in the customer, market, mineral resources, technology and equipment, management methods and operation management aspects, such as human resources there are highly complementary and integration advantages, actively layout mechanism of sand, and other areas of the new building materials, can broaden the further development of the industrial chain, foster new competitive advantages and economic growth.

            The traditional sand and stone industry is undergoing earth-shaking changes, and the pattern of sand and stone mines dominated by private enterprises in the past has been broken.In the new round of sand and stone industry layout, central enterprises, cement enterprises and local state-owned enterprises are becoming the leading role.

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            Longxing World · Quality Future -- The after-sales team went to Guizhou 1518 production line to check the equipment installation

            In late April, the after-sales service center of Longjian Group once again arrived at the site of the 1518 jaw crusher production line of the customer in Guizhou to supervise the progress and quality of the equipment installation of the production line.

            Aerial view of Guizhou customer's 1518 production line installation site

            Long Jian group after-sales center based es von manager install a line, a line into the jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, vibrating screen, transit bin field has carried on the detailed investigation, such as listen to the report of installation construction unit construction, the unit must ensure the installation quality, in strict accordance with the drawings to organize the construction, focus on seize schedule,Complete project construction tasks for customers on time.

            The After-sales Service Center inspected the equipment installation progress on the spot

            The after-sales service center will check the layout specifications on site

            He said that he would uphold the core values of "sincere and trustworthy, continuous innovation, customer achievement" of Longjian Group Company, do a good job of pre-sale, sale and after-sales services for customers in the whole process, give full play to the enterprise's rich experience in the industry, and create higher wealth value for customers.

            Guizhou 1518 production line installation site vision

            Close view of the secondary crushing module at the installation site of Guizhou 1518 production line

            At the same time, Guizhou customers also said that they would speed up the progress, build high-quality projects, and strive to achieve the official production line as soon as possible.

            Hereby, we sincerely look forward to the smooth operation of Guizhou 1518 production line and make an early contribution to the local infrastructure design and construction.

            Keywords: Longjian Group Sanming Heavy Industry After-sales Service Center On-site Supervision


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            Send the law into the enterprise, the law to help the enterprise | two branch of the City procuratorate, the District Procuratorate together with the District Federation of industry and commerce into the Longjian Group

             Send the law into the enterprise, the law to help the enterprise | two branch of the City procuratorate, the District Procuratorate together with the District Federation of industry and commerce into the Longjian Group  


                   For further implementation of xi jinping, general secretary of the symposium on entrepreneur's important speech spirit, in accordance with law, protect the legal rights of the entrepreneurs build equality in accordance with the law for the development of private enterprise business environment and the rule of law of fair competition environment, on September 7, the city's procuratorate, district people's procuratorate, district federation of industry and the main two branch leadership a row hand in hand into the Long Jian group,  Carry out the "Optimize business Environment legal Publicity Month" to send laws to enterprises.  

                   The forum was presided over by Xie Guili, member of the Leading Party Group and vice chairman of the District Federation of Industry and Commerce, Hu Jiahai, vice chairman of the District CPPCC committee and chairman of the Civil Construction District Committee, president of Chongqing Wanzhou Technician College, vice president of Wanzhou District Association of Knowledge,  Li Changguo, president of the Education Association of the District, Wan Yunsong, Deputy Chief Procurator of the District Procuratorate, Chen Dan, prosecutor of the Second Branch of chongqing Procuratorate, Yang Jiao, deputy Director of the District Procuratorate and other leaders attended the ceremony.  Longjian Group chairman Longjian Fujian and the company's middle and senior management received the district Procuratorate donated "Optimize the marketing environment", "Prevention of Telecom network fraud" and other legal publicity materials, and carefully listen to and learn the relevant legal knowledge.  

            District Procuratorate deputy director Yang Jiao for legal knowledge training  

                   The chairman of Long Fujian said that he would lead the employees to strengthen the study of relevant knowledge of the rule of law, prevent business risks, and never touch the bottom line of the law. At the same time, he expressed his heartfelt thanks and sincere respect for this activity of "optimizing the business environment".  

            At the meeting, the district people's procuratorate deputy procurator-general Wan Yunsong pointed out, the city actively send method into the enterprise, the franco-prussian help service enterprises, the deepening, tubes, suit, vigorously protect business environment, promoting the healthy development of enterprises require Long Jian group in safety production and economic contract integrity, product quality credit, tax management, strengthen management, staff management four aspects  Thus promoting enterprise development and social harmony.  


            Li Changguo, president of longjian Group, highly recognized the development of Longjian Group in recent years, affirmed the corporate culture of honesty, integrity and technological innovation, emphasized the bottom line of integrity and law, and sent longjian Group's earnest expectation of "building a first-class enterprise in China's mining machinery industry".  


                 Hu Jiahai, vice chairman of the District CPPCC, stressed that enterprises should start from their own, strengthen legal education and staff training, and encourage everyone to improve legal awareness, functional awareness, safety awareness, integrity and legal operation, protect intellectual property rights from infringement, improve the comprehensive ability of financial management, help local economy high-quality development.  


                 Key words: Longjian Group, optimize the business environment, send law into enterprises  

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            Equipment installation of | sand aggregate production line producing 600 tons in Lichuan, Hubei Province was successfully completed

            Equipment installation of | sand aggregate production line producing 600 tons in Lichuan, Hubei Province was successfully completed  


            Recently, Longjian Group senior editor in Hubei Lichuan 600 tons of sand aggregate production line project site, the project equipment preliminary installation is completed, the installation of intelligent control system is also nearing the end, the whole project is expected to be tested at the end of this month.  






            Yang, the person in charge of the site, said: under the strong support of the superior departments, the project is progressing faster, the construction of the project is advancing rapidly, under the joint efforts of Longjian Group and other related enterprises, we will strive to complete the preparation work for the production by the end of this month, and contribute to the economic development of Lichuan as soon as possible.  


            It is reported that the project is located in the northwest of Enshi Tujia Autonomous Prefecture, with a total investment of about 150 million yuan. It is equipped with crushing and screening equipment such as Longjian Group PE1000×1200 jaw crusher, PFY-1515 impact crusher, PLS-1032 vertical shaft impact sand making machine, 3YKR-3070 circular vibrating screen and so on.  It is capable of producing 600 tons of sand aggregate at a time.  


            Ma Gong, the leader of the equipment installation and acceptance team, said that Sanming Heavy Industry of Longjian Group will increase its service efforts, go into the on-site office of customer enterprises from time to time, and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the construction of the project, so as to fully guarantee the smooth production of the project and achieve efficiency!  


            Key words: Longjian Group Sanming Heavy Industry Equipment Installation and Acceptance  

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            New Track · New Journey -- the industry's top mining enterprises gathered in the mountain city, Chongqing sand industry high-quality development seminar was full of Gao Peng

            On March 26, 2021, with the theme of "Enabling Scientific and Technological Innovation, Green Integration Development", the Seminar on High-quality Development of Chongqing Sand and Stone Industry and the First Second General Meeting of Chongqing Sand and Stone Association was held in Radisson Blu Hotel Chongqing.The director-general of the department of the ministry of land and resources regulation and monitoring with liu, China gravel association Hu Youyi, China gravel association expert committee, director of Beijing shao-min song, a professor at the university of architecture and other leaders and experts attended the conference, across the sand, head of the association and chongqing participation nearly hundred sand association member units, discuss the way of chongqing sand industry high quality development.

            Liu Suichen, former director of the Regulation and Monitoring Department of the Ministry of Land and Resources, delivered a speech

            Li Changhua, secretary-general of Chongqing sand and stone association, makes a report on the work of the association

            Sand stone, has risen to one of the nine major mining.Release the relevant ministries and commissions of the state in recent years the latest files and sand industry policy, the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions more than government to carry out the national ministries and commissions such as "certain opinions" and "guidance" issued the relevant policies and documents, from the national level, the level of provinces and autonomous regions analyzes the national and local governments to the attention of the sand industry and promoting measures.

            At the meeting, Hu Youyi, president of the Chinese Association of Sand and Stone, made a keynote report with the title of "Sand and Stone Industry into a New Track of High-quality Development". It was clearly pointed out that the core idea of the national "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" is a double cycle, a new development pattern that takes the domestic cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promote each other.With domestic circulation as the mainstay, we need to get through all the links of domestic production, distribution, circulation and consumption, and speed up the speed and efficiency of internal economic circulation."New infrastructure" is the most effective way to deal with the epidemic and the economic downturn, and the "two new and one heavy" facilities carrying logistics are of great significance to the internal circulation.

            Hu Youyi, president of the Chinese Association of Sand and Stone, made a keynote report

            Hu Youyi said that the mechanism of sand, is a revolution.In the next few years, the construction of China's large regional economic circle, the construction of "two new and one heavy", new urbanization, construction, roads, Bridges, tunnels and transformation of old residential areas and other major infrastructure construction, the sand and stone industry is experiencing a great opportunity that has not been seen in a century.The rise of mechanical sand and crushing equipment is unstoppable. The colleagues of sand and stone should not only look up at the stars, but also have their feet on the ground, realizing the transformation from human control to numerical control, and then from automatic to intelligent.

            Green development leads the future.Chongqing Longjian Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is based in Chongqing, spreading to the whole country and looking to the whole world. For nearly 30 years, it has been adhering to its ingenuity and "intelligent" manufacturing, and is committed to becoming the leader of the mining machinery industry and contributing to the sustainable and healthy development of China's sand and gravel industry.Under the leadership of Chairman Long Fujian, the company has developed into a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales, training and service of green and intelligent mine crushing and screening equipment, providing one-stop overall solution of fine sand aggregate production line and EPCO project general contracting service.


            Hu Youyi, president of China Association of Sand and Stone, and Long Fujian, chairman of Longjian Industrial Group, took a group photo

            In this general meeting, all the delegates to the new vice president, director for the review and voting, I Chongqing Longjian Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Mr. Long Fujian was successfully elected as the vice president of Chongqing gravel association, said that will as always vigorously support the healthy and sustainable development of Chongqing gravel industry.


            The congress deliberated and approved the new list of vice-chairmen

            In the next ten years, the market demand for sand and equipment is large and will continue to grow.Chongqing sand people will work together to win the "golden era" of the sand industry.At the acknowledgment dinner of this conference, Mr. Long Fujian, chairman of our group, and related leaders made a toast together, for a better and win-win tomorrow!


            Chongqing longjian industrial group co., LTD., is willing to work with you sincerely to promote the harmonious development of the city and human civilization!


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